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We teach you how to save the oldest animals in the world

20/01/2022 12:30:00 PM / by Envirotech Education


...they are some of the most productive and important animals for humans.

They are corals. Corals are actually animals!  They are not plants and are related to anemones and jellyfish. Studies have estimated that some corals can live for 5,000 years and coral relatives go back 240 million years.

Coral reefs have more biodiversity than rainforests and feed and protect billions of people. Sadly, they are dying at an unprecedented rate due to human impacts, such as development, tourism, pollution and climate change.


What can be done about it? This is something we teach in our Marine Habitat Conservation and Restoration course. We have a range of units that give you an understanding of coral biology and strategies to conserve and restore reefs. This includes how to build and deploy coral nurseries because, believe it or not, young corals can be grown in a nursery just as we do with plants. The benefits are that they can then be transplanted onto degraded reefs.

If you’ve ever wished you could do more to help reefs, our course teaches you how and gives you a unique certification to help you gain employment in this field.


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