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Top 5 IT Jobs in Australia

29/04/2022 2:59:09 PM / by Luigi Conti

Do you want to know the top 5 IT jobs in Australia?

Interested in starting a career in the IT industry?

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Top 5 IT Jobs


Information Technology (IT) remains one of the most in-demand jobs in Australia. The sector continues to grow despite the COVID Pandemic, as businesses rapidly shift away from brick-and-mortar to fully digital experiences. The Australian technology sector is not an exception. It is currently the third highest contributor to Australia’s GDP and one of the biggest generators of quality jobs in the country. Since 2005, tech sector jobs have grown 66% compared to an average growth rate of 35% across the economy, spreading beyond city centres, into more regional areas such as South-East Queensland, Adelaide, and East Brisbane.

It makes sense that IT courses are one of the most in-demand accreditations for students who seek a head-start, and professionals who want to upgrade their current skillsets. There are a lot of opportunities for IT professionals in any industry. Here, we list the top five IT job functions in 2022

Data Analysts

Data analysts are the typical “number-crunchers” in an organization. They use statistics and computing to gain insights into business operations and translate them into informed decision-making.

Network Administrators

Network administrators and analysts maintain an organisation’s computer network and IT infrastructure. They assist teams throughout the company to continuously optimise computer networks, company servers, and security solutions.

IT Support Professionals

Everyone needs help with their computer once in a while, right? IT support professionals come to the rescue when teams need assistance with various system problems. They specialise in troubleshooting problems so that organisations can continue to function regardless of minor disruptions.

Web and Software Developers

Web and Software Developers are among the highest paid IT professionals in the industry. They plan and implement projects that have to do with web design and programming. They build websites for companies’ business goals and create software for organisations. This specialisation is offered by Envirotech under our Certificate III in Information Technology qualification (ICT30120).

Digital Media Content Creators

Digital Media Content Creators – In the age of the internet, content is king. This is why digital media content creators are a prized member of any team. Whether they’re creating infographics or photo editing projects, videos or web layouts, digital media content creators churn content for consumption by digital natives. Like web development and programming, digital media is a specialisation offered by Envirotech under our Certificate III in Information Technology course (ICT30120).

In Summary

There are a lot of opportunities for growth in the IT industry. The jobs we enumerated above are non-exhaustive and may change given the ever-evolving nature of the IT industry. Envirotech is here to help you meet your IT career goals and see through the uncertainty. 

Interested in kickstarting your career in technology and IT? Do you envision yourself as a rising star in the tech sector? Do you want to upskill yourself with a focus on technology?

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Luigi Conti

Written by Luigi Conti

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