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The Importance of Professional Development

20/06/2019 5:30:00 PM / by Anjelica Hazlewood

Whether you have just completed high-school, looking for a career change or maybe you just landed the job of your dreams, Wherever you are in your professional career, it is important to enhance and uphold the knowledge you have learnt in the past to ensure you are bringing the best professional experience to your employers, customers or your community.

Continuing your journey in your studies further improves your professional development and ensures you remain competent throughout your career.

Furthering your professional development tells your employer you are a motivated individual who identifies the importance to continually grow.

It’s like if you don’t update your phone, it will not function to its fullest potential. The same goes for your knowledge in your chosen work field, you should update your knowledge in your work field to make sure that you function to your fullest potential.


Time to do your research.




It’s time to start your research. You may find that your current qualification is outdated or upskilling is required. Find out what the current recommendations are for your industry. Start researching what is required for you to upskill to develop and improve your knowledge. Upskilling may involve getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new.

You should try not focus on what you have done in the past, but what you wish to accomplish in the future.

A way you can take ownership of your professional development is by tasking yourself with a new responsibility. This could be by enhancing your knowledge by enrolling in a Professional Development course, asking your employer for a new challenge alongside your regular work tasks or by reaching out to online organisations in your field and engage with them. Social media and the internet are your best friends when it comes to connecting with others. By building strong online relationships you aspire to work in conjunction with, can give you the right advice for the career you want.


Expand your knowledge and enroll in an online course.




Enrolling into a degree or a certificate can be an excellent way to expand your professional development. The more information you obtain and the more experiences you have with your studies, the better probabilities you have of discovering what your passion is. Finding your passion can be hard, this is where your researching is important. Look for a pathway you are generally interested in and can see yourself working in the long term.


Envirotech offers a range of courses with flexible enrollments to help you with your professional development, with many courses now being upgraded it is a great time to get the latest qualification and stand out to your next employer. If you wish to explore the possibilities in finding a course that can help you with your career pathway, visit our website at envirotech.edu.au.


It’s time to act, rather than waiting for it to happen.




Be proactive in continuing to further your professional development. Write that resume that will stand out to your potential employer! Being a new graduate or young professional in the primary stages of your career offers an opportunity to reach out to employers, mentors and colleagues to get your foot in the door in the career you want. You could volunteer one day a week or undertake an internship and prove to them you’re an avid learner and are keen to get stuck into the workforce.

By continuing to learn, you never know what you could be doing next.

The initial step is recognising that it is up to you to develop yourself as a professional. Create a challenge for yourself and take control to reach the next level in your career development.


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Anjelica Hazlewood

Written by Anjelica Hazlewood

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