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Sustainable Operations: The Key to a Successful Organisation

22/02/2022 12:00:00 AM / by Mary Grace Escarpe


The resource management required to turn business strategy into sustainable operations is crucial to achieving process improvement and positive outcomes. Through integrated quality, environmental, social and economic systems, sustainable operations include a variety of principles essential for businesses truly committed to sustainable development. 


Relevance in Modern Business Processes 

In today's industrial processes, sustainability is a foundation, not only a process by which companies fulfil their environmental and societal commitments. Sustainable processes generate practical benefits including improved revenues and lower operating expenses. 

Ecological stewardship is important for the earth and society as a whole. It is also a key component of the entire industrial value chain, providing considerable business opportunities and enhancing competitive advantage within the market.  

The primary goal of sustainable processes is to establish supply networks that are simultaneously economically profitable, socially responsible and environmentally conscious.  


Developing Sustainability Skills 

The Diploma of Sustainable Operations equips students with the knowledge and expertise they need to assess existing sustainability performance and develop optimization strategies. It provides a platform for developing technical abilities in engineering, chemical, environmental, as well as other technical analyses, often required to improve operational sustainability. 

In addition, the course covers the development of skills required to work in a technical, supervisory, or operational role in a company. While the qualification has been designed with a primary focus on manufacturing processes, it can be applied to many different organization types contributing to the typical manufacturing value chain. 


Career Preparedness 

Students who complete the Diploma of Sustainable Operations will be exposed to real-world case studies. They will design, manage and lead environmental programs, and find solutions for long-term improvements. 

In general, the Diploma of Sustainable Operations is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to work in jobs that help organizations improve their sustainability and meet obligations under environmental regulations, government or similar incentives affecting operations. 

Course graduates will have the necessary skills required for entry-level specialist roles in sustainable management. The course can also be used as a Continued Professional Development (CPD) tool to enhance current workforce capability. 

If the Diploma of Sustainable Operations is of interest, you may click here or visit our website at envirotech.edu.au or download your brochure.


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Mary Grace Escarpe

Written by Mary Grace Escarpe

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