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Sustainable businesses you wouldn’t expect

07/11/2019 6:00:00 PM / by Anjelica Hazlewood


  • Majority of IKEA stores use solar panels to power their stores all over the world and are even producing and selling them to certain countries.
  • IKEA obtains their wood from sustainable sources, mostly defined as renewable or recyclables.
  • They also source 100 per cent of their cotton from farms that meet the better cotton standards, which use less water, chemicals and energy.


  • Panasonic are consistently winning high remarks from experts due to their sustainability goals.
  • Panasonic have high standards when it comes to energy goals. By 2050, Panasonic plans to use less energy than they create.
  • Panasonic are also partnering with several companies to make a demonstration Sustainable Smart Town in Japan centered around sustainability.


  • Adobe has already achieved the LEED certification for 70 per cent of its work spaces.
  • LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) provides independent verification of a buildings green features, meaning the design, construction and operations are high performing, healthy and cost effective.
  • Adobe has ambitious goals which are getting to net zero energy consumption and reducing its packaging, which is why they recommend you use their facilities online.

Hewlett Packard

  • Hewlett Packard is computing company that has reliably commenced sustainable manufacturing and processes to reduce the harm its products pose on the environment.
  • Hewlett Packard has a great recycling program for its printer cartridges which ensures most of the packaging does not end up in landfill.
  • It continues to promote the importance of sustainability and recycling into their marketing campaigns.


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Anjelica Hazlewood

Written by Anjelica Hazlewood

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