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The Growth of Marketing - What skills do you need?

01/05/2018 4:50:00 PM / by Fatima Rama

Over the past decade, the landscape of the marketing industry has drastically transformed. Once driven by the hands on daily grind of outbound strategies, the industry now relies heavily on various inbound and updated outbound tools and technology to generate leads, and consequently, create sales.

While it is still a creative, people driven industry, there is now an array of tools and skills required to both create and measure the opportunities we have create. While we hope to be ahead of the curve when it comes to the newest trends, it’s difficult to constantly be across all fields, all the time.

With that in mind, its often difficult to know which technical skills we need to focus on developing and honing. Our jobs as marketing experts are so very complex, we often need to ask ourselves; do we need to understand and grow technically or creatively? And how do we do that to create tangible, trackable outcomes?

The short answer is: it depends on the business.


Marketing, as a job description, is broad and all-encompassing, which means that your role can be as diverse as the industry you are in. It can be entry level data collection, or research through to representing your company in the press, brand management or developing business strategy. Again, as an industry marketing has also changed from one based on personal opinions and “gut instincts” to being built on sound research and data analysis being coagulated with market trends and psychological research.


As “Marketing Experts”, you will need to have a finger in all the pies or have access to specialists that do! This support will help you to continuously develop new and exciting ideas, or creatively recycle old ideas to consistently draw in new leads, and nurture and develop old leads. This is where the creative aspect is most important. You will need an eye for design, a brain for quirky concepts and the ability to always be thinking outside the box to be an adaptable, mailable marketing expert staying at the front of the industry.

Most importantly, you will need to have an in-depth understanding of how to research and analysis data, and how to develop and assess creative concepts.  In the coming weeks, we will discuss how to build these core skills and why they are important to the daily tasks involved in working in marketing in any industry.brooke-cagle-609879-unsplash

Whether you are utilising marketing agencies, putting together an inhouse marketing team, or running the show yourself; it is key to have, at minimum, a surface understanding of all these aspects in marketing and what the business goals are.

Stay tuned with Envirotech Education as we continue to explore the importance of marketing.


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Fatima Rama

Written by Fatima Rama

Marketing Specialist at Envirotech Education

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