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Inner Changemaker - Changing the world by being you

27/05/2020 12:06:29 PM / by Fatima Rama

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With the recent events of COVID-19, there is a lot of uncertainty, fear, and challenges, and in many cases, we find ourselves completely lost. Thinking "how did I get to this point in my life and where do I go next? What do I want for myself? For my future?". For most of us it is unclear. We usually do not stop to think what we really want in life and how we can possibly get there. We want to offer you an opportunity to start navigating your life to your desired destination. 

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The Inner Changemaker is a program designed to empower people to listen to their inner-self and create the life they really want to live. By doing that they will help heal the world. During this workshop, you will experience different ways of connecting to what really matters to you in your life, and how to overcome the blocks that are keeping you from being and living that way. 



Nicole Andaro is a consultant and current Innovation Hub student at Envirotech. About 6 years ago, she was living a great life, when a personal crisis took it all away. She was diagnosed with severe burnout, her body no longer had the energy to function, she soon lost her job, she couldn’t finish her degree at university, she also went through the traumatic separation with her fiancé and had to move out of their home. 

 But what seemed to be the end of her life - turned out to be the beginning of a completely new one. She realised that all that time she had lived life in a way that was never right for her. 
Nicole has since traveled the world, volunteering, consulting, and working with changemakers. Nicole created the Inner Changemaker to combine the knowledge from her own life experience, with her background in social entrepreneurship, sociology, personal and spiritual growth. She has been able to help more people connect with their inner self and to what really matters, so they can live lives that help in changing the world. 


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Fatima Rama

Written by Fatima Rama

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