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How to harness your creativity

14/11/2019 6:00:00 PM / by Anjelica Hazlewood


Practice makes perfect

  • Sometimes to get the creative juices flowing, we must start practicing.
  • Find some tutorials online for what you want to achieve, whether it be painting, drawing, using illustrator or a video program. There are so many resources out there to use you can easily start by following a guide.
  • You can then begin to stylize what you feel will work for you.


Make a mess

  • Make notes, everywhere. Express your ideas on paper, brainstorm with yourself.
  • Get into the rhythm of repeating yourself. We find to become better at something the more we do it. For example, if you wish to become better at drawing profiles, you would start breaking down the elements of the face and repeatedly draw the features.
  • The more you use creativity, the more we have.


Make time for it

  • Find half an hour in your day to practice and research what you want to get better at.
  • Allow yourself to unplug from technology, work and life, and get in the zone to be creative.


Write down 100 ideas

  • Writing down what comes to your mind might be the most effect way to harness your creativity, as this will show you were your mind lies most when you are thinking about being creative.
  • Don’t evaluate your ideas, just write them down and you can review them later. Odds are you will have some wonderful ideas among the 100.
  • Don’t worry if you are repeating an idea, duplicates indicate your patterns of thought.

The main quote here is practice makes perfect – keep going, continue to have the motivation to create and you will only get better!


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Anjelica Hazlewood

Written by Anjelica Hazlewood

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