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Marine course students dip their toe in the water

13/10/2020 1:27:58 PM / by Envirotech Education

Students from our Marine Course have taken their first diving class
How exciting
would it be to undertake a course where you snorkel, visit the beach to monitor sand dunes, squish through mud to examine the growth and diversity of seagrass beds on the Gold Coast, dive in local reefs, monitor mangrove forests, learn photography lessons on land and underwater?
Last week, on October 7th, 10 of our students from Certificate III Marine Habitat Conservation and Restoration course had their first diving class! It started in a pool located in Palm Beach, Gold Coast. From there, they trained in the ocean! 

learned all the skills for an open diver certificate. Then they went to Cook Island two times, each time they completed two dives each (all together four sea dives). This completes their diving course. There are other students that already had an open water diving certificate, so they are doing the advanced course. They will dive this week at 9-mile reef- close to Byron Bay”, explains of our trainer, Adi Rafaeli.  

The class is a practical part of this course and it´s crucial for students that one day will become marine life protectors. They loved it- one student cried because she was so moved and excited, told Adi. 

The oceans of the world are needing our urgent help. Marine exploitation and pollution are causing rapid damage to entire marine ecosystems globally, including Australia's largest natural marine asset, the Great Barrier Reef. Worldwide, damage to our marine ecosystems demands that humanity develop and implement our restoration and regeneration solutions now, before it is too late! 

For example: according to The Guardian, "the Great Barrier Reef has experienced five mass bleaching events – 1998, 2002, 2016, 2017 and 2020 – all caused by rising ocean temperatures driven by global heating". Coral reefs are directly affected by the warming waters. This is serious! Corals are imperative to the reproduction of many marine species, which in turn, has a devastating effect on humans that depend on marine life to survive. "My greatest fear is that people will lose hope for the reef. Without hope there’s no action", Dr David Wachenfeld, chief scientist at the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, told Guardian Australia.  

Let´s work together, the oceans need all of us! 
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Enrol now into Certificate III Marine Habitat Conservation and Restoration. 
It’s a Vocational Education and Training (VET) Accredited Course with 50% practical and 50% theoretical activities. The Marine Courses have been developed by Envirotech Education's very own qualified trainers. Envirotech Education is currently the ONLY RTO in Australia to offer such marine courses to both domestic and international students.

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