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03/08/2021 3:44:47 PM / by Fatima Rama

A talk about polemic topics that are impacting
our way to live in this planet.

Let’s start the change and make a difference
for the future generations?


EnviroLive are episodes where our host, Paula, talks with experts about pertinent topics for our world today.

Paula #EnviroLive


We are grateful for our current followers – for their insightful comments and questions. During a time when social media enables us to connect with people from around the globe, it is stimulating to discuss topics which engage so many of us.

Join Paula for a cuppa as we delve into topics to help us all make a difference.



Our First episode:

How a career in sustainability can optimise Businesses’ Social,
Environmental and Economic Operations


In episode one, Paula interviewed our lead Environmental trainer, Roberta Beltrao about sustainability. Roberta explained the breadth of this topic through defining sustainability as: social, environmental and economic.

A large part of this discussion was about businesses – how they can be more sustainable, the encouraging impacts and the benefits of staff studying our courses to enable a positive change for our world.

Our Second Episode:

Circular Economy and the shocking
state of the plastics in the oceans

In episode two, Paula chatted with our lead Environmental and Marine trainers – Roberta Beltrao, PhD – Sustainable Operations Trainer and David Lennon, Marine Habitat Trainer.

The discussion focused on the effects of plastics in our world – the impacts on our marine habitats. It was eye opening to hear about how even our washing machines are contributing to the plastics in our oceans and the seafoods we eat.



We are preparing amazing content for the next episodes in our #EnviroLive. If would you like to suggest a topic you want to hear from our experts, send your idea to info@envirotech.edu.au.


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Fatima Rama

Written by Fatima Rama

Marketing Specialist at Envirotech Education

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