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Companies are seeking Environmental Specialists

06/01/2022 10:51:00 AM / by Envirotech Education

Leading companies today are starting to think of sustainability as a tool for growing profitability. Frameworks, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals, are being utilised as a guide to future market opportunities.


There are five important topics for leaders who want to thrive in tomorrow’s markets:


1. Collaboration & Innovation

Companies need to adapt to their changing environments while encouraging innovation through collaboration. Every company has notable talent, so it is important to create an environment to allow this to blossom.

Companies need to encourage think tanks and smaller counsel to address challenges and potential obstacles. Having environmental knowledge on your team will bring immense value to your company.


2. People and Purpose Connections

When people feel that their work matters, they are more invested in it. If you are serious about developing your business, then you need to show people their impact!

Do they understand about saving energy and money, carbon footprint, implementing sustainability in daily routines, meetings and so on?


3. Think Circular

Companies are like dots along the circle, forming a network – a value chain - between suppliers and customers. This network can either be organised as a straight line between natural resources and landfills (linear economy) or create a perpetual cycle of value with zero waste (circular economy).


4. Think Open and Exponential

Have you thought about giving the opportunity to have more environmental specialists in your company to help you in creating a short- and long-term strategy?

A great factor that makes an environmental strategy work effectively in your company is helping everyone understand how their work contributes to the bigger picture. Having qualified people in-house will exponentially grow your capacity in a short period of time.

When people feel that their work matters, they're more invested in it. If you are serious about developing your business, show people their impact!


5. Becoming more Environmental

At Envirotech, we offer 2 nationally accredited courses that will make your people advance quickly in their careers or support their own businesses to be more sustainable in their actions. Both courses are for everyone - businesses or individuals who want to upskill their knowledge in a more sustainable direction.

  •  BSB42315 Certificate IV in Environmental Management and Sustainability
  •  MSS50118 Diploma of Sustainable Operations

Are you interested in receiving the course catalogue? Click here and request it for free.


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