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Are you an Environmental Warrior?

27/06/2019 5:30:00 PM / by Envirotech Education




Do you want to make an impact? Do you want your voice to be heard? Do you want to see real change happen in your lifetime?


What drives you?

Every morning I turn on the news to get the daily headlines and see what’s happening here and aboard. I like to stay up to date with current affairs, politics, business news, the weather. But a new category has been creeping into our news over the past few years that feels all to natural now, and that’s climate change. Its real and it’s in our faces all day every day, whether it’s through the news or our own physical experiences. Is it becoming normal to hear about these impacts that we no longer flinch and gasp every time we see an article or feel the effects?


I feel like for a great deal of us it is, it is normal, it’s not shocking anymore, it’s just a regular update we seek from our morning news report. I think by now we all know that to make a great difference it starts with the individual, not just through tiny adaptations to our day to day routine but to be one of the vast amounts of people to voice our thoughts and make change. But you want to do more than that don’t you? You want to be a larger voice and larger vehicle for change? You want to make more of a difference then just using reusable water bottles. You want to secure your children’s future and place on this earth. So how are you achieving this?




What are you doing about it?

Are you already implementing those tiny adaptation to your life? Are you already a member of some environmental groups? Do you sign the occasional petition? This is all great and needs to be done but how is this going to help your voice truly be heard? How is this going to help you make a large enough impact for you and your children to be proud of? It’s not, you’ll just be another number of the amazing citizens doing their tiny part to save our plant. How do I make a lasting meaningful impact, you might ask?


Easy, through educating yourself, upskilling and gaining the most up to date advanced procedures and how to implement them.




At Envirotech Education, we understand the importance to make real change, so we are the first and only higher education provider in Australia to offer you the opportunity to do so. The diploma of sustainable operations teaches you how to assess admissions either from small or large scale businesses to community centres and schools and implement sustainable and environmental practices to improve their impact. Now making a significant difference to business and schools on this scale outweighs the small impact you’re currently having by using reusable straws at home doesn’t it?


Wouldn’t it be great if you could get out there in the community and make real change?




How can you make that difference?

By gaining the right qualifications, by knowing where to look for the most up to date information, buy having the ability to problem solve and make solutions, that’s how. But where do you start? How do you know the best practices? By starting at a school that truly cares about our planet, that not just says it but puts tangible practices in place to achieve it. Did you know that the Envirotech office is paperless? Did you know that we all implement sustainable adaptations into our individual lives encouraged by our CEO? Sustainability runs deep into this school so you can be rest assured that you’re not just studying at any old school but one that resonates with you and your values that truly cares about our beautiful world.


Make a real, tangible, meaningful difference and start the Diploma of Sustainable Operations at Envirotech Education today!


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